About Us

Radix Trading is a research firm, powered by technology and monetized through trading. Our focus is building a new type of trading firm dedicated to research through targeted collaboration and vast ingenuity. We’re constantly evolving our strategies and developing new ones through innovative machine learning and statistical methodologies.

Our culture of openness enables fast turnaround from idea inception to execution, and continuous enhancement of our cutting-edge proprietary technology and automated research platform.

We operate in Chicago, New York, and Amsterdam, and participate on major electronic markets across North America, Europe and Asia. As a privately-funded company, we do not accept outside investments.

Who We Are

We are led by industry veterans who previously built and managed some of the most profitable trading teams in the world.

We have built a diverse team by blending interdisciplinary academics (undergraduate, PhD, Postdoc, and Professors) from top universities around the world with experienced researchers and seasoned technologists, including supercomputer specialists, and senior engineers from Silicon Valley tech companies.

Careers at Radix

If you want to work on cutting-edge technology to solve really tough problems while getting near-immediate feedback on your best ideas, the trading industry is hard to beat. You will be part of the team that competes every day with some of the smartest, most driven people in the world.

And while the highly-publicized wave of high-frequency or “flash” trading based on sheer speed of execution may have reached its limit, we see continued opportunities with our strategy of using statistical research to outsmart the competition.

We are building a new type of trading firm dedicated to research through open, collaborative innovation.

If you're currently completing a degree program or are otherwise affiliated with a university as a postdoc or faculty member, please apply to our university board.

Contact Us

353 N Clark St Ste 1600, Chicago IL 60654, USA

One World Trade Center Ste 45D, New York NY 10007, USA

Strawinskylaan 1567, 1077 XX, Amsterdam, NL

+1 773-906-8121

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Remuneration Policy

The remuneration policy of Radix Trading Europe B.V. is carefully prepared according to all applicable laws and regulations, taking into account the values, principles and strategy of the company. The variable component of the remuneration of employees is discretionary and based on a number of components such as: experience, effort, performance, innovation and contribution.

Pillar III and IFR/IFD

A copy of our Pillar III and IFR/IFD disclosures can be obtained by written request to disclosures@radix-trading.com.